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byrdie: Pretty fly for a Jedi. (chibi, lightsaber)

Violent Whimsy

or, A Brick Wrapped in Bunny Fur

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Created on 2011-05-15 05:23:20 (#889372), last updated 2017-04-12 (105 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Oct 14
Location:Seattle, Washington, United States of America
I'm a Seattle native who lives in an alarmingly frou-frou apartment complex and monkey wrenches her life and the lives of those closest to her every so often, mainly to keep from being bored. I tend to screw myself over when I do this, but it should make for an interesting journal during the rare instances that I decide to come clean.
"Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is most important that you do it."
- Mahatma Gandhi

Youniverse Personality TestYouniverse Personality Test

If you end up subscribing to my journal and you don't already know me, be aware that you may find a lot of this fairly banal and end up unsubscribing in a few days. No hard feelings. Similarly, I don't promise that I will subscribe to yours in turn or that, if I do, I will continue to find the same fascination in it that I may have at one point. I'm not much for link exchanges out of obligation.

Why "Softcore Mutation"?
Just recently, I looked up the words to DEVO's Going Under, which has charmed me for decades. One of the phrases I could never make out was "softcore mutation." Being a mutant (I was born with six fingers on each hand), I decided to update my journal titles.

Why "Beautiful Mutants"?
Most of the people I adore aren't considered quite right, whatever "right" is.

Why "archive?"
Have you actually played with LJ's calendar feature?

And "Reciprocating Love Cornucopia Interface Program?"
I don't remember what the self-depreciating comment I made about myself and my habit of falling for some people a bit more easily than seemed healthy was, but a well-respected member of that community dubbed me with this title: RiLCIP. I was fond enough of it to want to keep it handy.

Where'd you get the mood icons?
The Dr. Who K-9 icons came from Alden Bates' website, which also houses Dalek and Cybermat icons.
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